End of the Beginning

City: Edmonton


Forget everything you think you know about Aliens… They Exist… Our Governments Military are all covering it up… This is the single greatest real world national security threat nobody talks about. Aliens are real… They are here… And they are far more advanced than we are…

Our Governments are not separated by the borders that we are caged in by, but rather are under the control of a One World Government to which there is no name, only names given to this group by outsiders over the Centuries such as; Knights Templar, Illuminati, Majestic 12, the Dark Envelope and so on…

This One World Government has been secretly controlling humanities fate since before the time of the Pharaoh’s. And with the worlds resources now dwindling we have put everything we have into mining what remains in one final attempt to stave off Annihilation.

For the first time, Mankind has assembled an army of elite soldiers equipped with the most advanced technologies our sciences will allow that has been tasked with the impossible… Save Mankind from an Alien Invasion with a force far superior to ours…

It is now up to you as the leader of the Alien Resistance, Shadow, to lead your troops into the last great battle of all time, the Apocalypse, End of Days, call it what you will, it is near, and nothing will ever be the same after they arrive…

Release Date

December 2020

Development Tweets

Hi, I'm Craig. Creator of Alberta Makes Games and local advocate for game development.
I created the Calgary Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and have been a director for both Calgary Game Developers Association and Interactive Arts Alberta.

Thanks for checking out the site!

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