At Alberta Makes Games we advocate for the Alberta game development community.

We are striving to do this in a few ways:

1. Create a directory of local video games

By archiving games made in Alberta we do several things:
First, we showcase the raw talent of this province. Secondly, we provide awareness of the number of games being created. Thirdly, we inspire the next game makers.

2. Add resources for those developing games

We do our best to point makers to resources. This could be an events calendar, an education breakdown of local universities or awareness of a local game development group.

3. Provide statistics to funding sources

It’s hard to go alone. Funding is an important part of making games. For this reason, we want to help. Our goal is solely to provide those providing funding with data to strengthen and increase their available funding.

The Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit which which was introduced in 2018 with the Growth and Diversification Act is one such funding source that we have been a part of (prior to AMG’s development). Keep in mind that credits can come and go depending on who is in government. For this reason, we felt it important to develop much better statistics to demonstrate why this funding is important.

This has since come to pass. The IDMTC is currently on hold, pending review.

Our Team

Craig Pfau
Owner – Community Advocate