Alberta Makes Games is joining the Digital Alberta family.

Over the years, as I created Alberta Makes Games, I have frequently thought about how our province needed a strong industry association to be the voice of game development in Alberta. With the steps they have taken over the last year, Digital Alberta is this voice. 

With EA/BioWare, New World Interactive, Serious Labs, Unity Technologies, Zugulu, Red Iron Labs, Improbable, Beamdog and many others as members, and a group of committed volunteers, I’m excited to annouce that, effective April 16, Digital Alberta will take over the day to day management of Alberta Makes Games. I’m excited to see where they take AMG as they assume full editorial control. 

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supported AMG on Patreon and Twitter. I also want to thank everyone who has made, is making or will make games in this province. 

You are all inspiring.

After nearly 8 years of game development advocacy i’ll be stepping away to focus on parenting and web development. 

Good luck Digital Alberta.

– Craig Pfau

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