Brick vs Paddle

Developer: Viaticum Games

City: Edmonton

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Brick vs. Paddle
Price: 4.65 CAD


All human life on the planet is in grave danger. Aliens from far away have arrived at Earth with the intent to wipe our species from existence using their deadliest most super-advanced weapon… Bricks!

But not all aliens share the desire to destroy mankind, and this is where you come in. Your duty is to assist the “human-huggers” by taking control of a fleet of their jet-powered paddles to crush the deadly (and super-advanced) bricks by smashing them to dust with your mighty orbs of power!

Key Features

  • 28 hand-drawn levels to navigate.
  • 7 different paddle types, each with their own abilities.
  • 7 unique areas, each with it’s own boss to challenge.
  • Re-visit past levels with new paddles to unlock bonus levels.
  • An in-game currency to extend your chances of victory at the in-game shop.

Release Date

Apr 6, 2018
Hi, I'm Craig. Creator of Alberta Makes Games and local advocate for game development.
I created the Calgary Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and have been a director for both Calgary Game Developers Association and Interactive Arts Alberta.

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