Alberta Game Jam 2020

Alberta Game Jam is Alberta’s largest game jam event, seeking to help unite and empower developers throughout our province. Whether you’re a seasoned developer already working in the industry or a novice looking to get started, game jams are an excellent way to get connected to your peers, flex your creative muscles, and share experiences by making games! If you’re new to game development, game jams are also a great way to learn the ins and outs of the process and start building up pieces for your portfolio.


Due to COVID-19 the jam was held online

64 participants*

14 games

* Only one person on a team needs to register on It is estimated that the real number is higher.


After the Storm


List of game titles below

After the Storm



Candy Monster(TM) Keychain

Dad’s Coming

Eldritch Skylines

Good Gracious, It’s The Cretaceous


Power Factory



Rolly Human? Game

S’no Man’s Land

Wet A** Road

Hi, I'm Craig. Creator of Alberta Makes Games and local advocate for game development.
I created the Calgary Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and have been a director for both Calgary Game Developers Association and Interactive Arts Alberta.

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