Help Alberta Makes Games grow.

Alberta Makes Games is operated by one person. Like any other person, money helps. It covers operating costs, it allows for future planning and it provides motivation.

If you find the information contained in the website interesting or helpful, please consider donating.


What is Alberta Makes Games? (@abmakesgames) is a project by Craig Pfau (board member of the non-profit Calgary Game Developers Association).

The goals are to:

  • catalog all video games & board games created in Alberta
  • list student, meetup and interest groups
  • list learning and industry events
  • provide resources for making games
  • list studios, developers and artists
  • create developer spotlight interviews
  • compile detailed stats on the game industry in Alberta
  • retweet and generate as much viewership for projects
  • create a community


Where Does My Money Go?

The money collected from Patreon will go towards the operations of the website. Any additional money will be used to make AMG better or buy me a coffee when I’m pulling a late night putting data together.


Are There Any Rewards?

There are currently two different “rewards”:

  • In-development content will be available to patrons.
  • From time to time I may receive game keys from local developers which I will do draws for.

I will not lock completed content behind a paywall.