Systems Programmer

  • Engineering
  • Edmonton


  • 3D Game Systems Programming
  • Proficiency in C#
  • Self Directed Problem Solver
  • Basic Understanding of Versioning Software
  • Comprehension of Character Control Systems
  • Comprehension of Component Based Methodology
  • Comprehension of Gameplay Building Systems
  • Comprehension of Behavior Trees and AI
  • Passion to Expand Your Skillset
  • Strong Communication Between Disciplines
  • Reliable
  • Strong Ability to Collaborate

Details of Position

We are seeking an Entry Level, Enthusiast, or Self Directed Systems Programmer to round out our dev team.

You will be tasked to brainstorm, draft, and implement various game systems throughout the scope of the project, alongside our Project Director, Gaian.

We will discuss and gauge the value gains from various features and decide objectives based on our assessments. We will regularly check and assess whether our course of action is still the most worthwhile as we proceed.

We will prioritize quick simple implementations of features in order to rapidly prototype and test their functionality. These features will set foundations for further refinement and depth but be focused on the solid implementation of the system as is. The goal of this approach will be to only invest our time in the most valuable efforts and best payoff to the greater project goals while priming the system to be expanded on.

We will be handling an eclectic range of features. Flexibility and willingness to learn, adapt, and problem solve is an absolute must.

You will need to be able to communicate needs to other team members from different disciplines. A strong ability to articulate requirements or functionality of systems is imperative to project success.

Features We Will Develop

  • Character Combat and Mobility
  • Stats Balancing and Progression
  • In Game Metrics Tracking and Rewards
  • NPC AI and Pathfinding
  • Save Data and Game Persistence
  • World Interaction and Events
  • Complex Game Encounter Functionality and Logic
  • Technical Animation Systems
  • And More…

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